About us

The Company Blue Beach Srl is part of “Garden Villas Srl” group.
It was founded by the management of Garden Villas in order to advertise and sell directly, without real estate brokers, villas and apartments built by other companies of the group.

Garden Villas Group works, through its company from over twenty years, in various fields including agriculture, services, tourism and real estate:

  • In the agricultural field manages the farms owned by the associates’ families ;
  • in the service sector, is one of the most specialized companies that offer to the accomodation facilities services of cleaning, gardening etc..;
  • in the tourism field, Garden Villas Group is owner of the two biggest resort of Calabria, over 2000 beds each; villages were constructed and managed and are currently known as “Club Mediterranee Napitia” and “Garden Resort Calabria”;
  • in real estate, the Group built apartments for Italian customers, and from some years, has turned its attention to international market;

Until now, with the help of intermediaries Garden Villas has sold hundreds of apartments on the foreign market, but recently the management of Garden Villas decided to sell directly apartments and villas, without real estate broker.

For this purpose was founded the company Blue Beach S.r.l., which have the task of sell the real estate built by the other company of the group.

The first reason of this choice was to offers a better service to buyers and to limit the sale’s price thanks to the direct contact with the abroad real estate agency.

Buyers will be receive by native speakers, and our organization offers free stay inside our structures and ongoing support.

The buyers could know the real estate offers of Blue Beach, could choose the suitable house to their needs, and could have the possibility to ask the builder for changes or improvements.

Our staff will give you all the information and the possible technical, legal and administrative explanations useful to purchase the houses with serenity. Payments could be personalized with the possibility of deferred payments.